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We raise the service level to new standard!

Gönderi Takibi 01
Live tracking
on digital map
Altyapı 02
End-to-end online infrastructure and
route optimization
El terminalleri 03
Handheld terminals equipped with
tailor-made software
Operasyon merkezi 04
Fully automated
operation center

Thanks to our technological infrastructure;

  • We offer live tracking of your purchase where you can get real—time updates.

  • With the support of handheld terminals equipped with tailor-made software, a fully automated operation center and route optimization, we ensure that your delivery is on time, undamaged, complete and fast while handling your delivery under close supervision.

Teknolojik Altyapı
Estimated Time of Delivery (ETD) Notification

We provide the time interval (max. 4 hours) in which you will receive your purchase in hand, putting an end to waiting around for delivery all day long.

Delivery to the PERSON, ADDRESS and DATE of your choice

We provide you with the freedom to choose various additional services within the scope of our motto “I’m in control” (KONTROLbende).

60 +

Years Of Experience


At Your Service in the City

99.7 %

Delivery Performance

Easy Returns From Your Doorstep

To return an order, we pick up the item from your address and return it to the vendor within the stated time interval and day; we do not tire you at all in the return process.

Live Tracking

We offer you live tracking, a feature that lets you see where a delivery driver is along their route.

In Your Eyes KARGOMsende

Canlı takip

Groundbreaking E-Commerce Distribution

With the support of our end-to-end technological infrastructure and route optimization, we offer real-time and location based live tracking via the mobile site link without the need to install a special app!

With our “I’m in control” (KONTROLbende) services, we provide delivery to the person, the address and the date of your choice. If you don’t want to be disturbed during the delivery, you can mark the “Don’t Ring the Bell” option, as well.

When you want to return your purchase, we will pick up the shipment from your address on the specified day and the time interval and return it to the vendor.

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