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60 + Years Of Experience

New Generation Distribution Service In 81 Provinces

We provide a digital-born OR digital-first next generation distribution service to companies engaged in e-commerce sales. With the trust we get from Turkuvaz Dağıtım Pazarlama A.Ş.’s more than half a century of distribution experience, a fleet of 1,350 vehicles traveling more than 70,000 kilometers to more than 25,000 sales points in 81 provinces every day, we offer the “best customer experience in the industry”* at competitive prices.

We set out in November 2020 to provide a new generation distribution service by ensuring that shipments are delivered to cosignee’s choice of address, person and date, via our 5 regional directorates, 145 distribution centers and our state-of-the-art infrastructure all over Turkey.

Our Vision

By accepting our customers’ shipments as valuable assets, we aim to provide them with the advantages of our end-to-end online technological infrastructure with a trust-based service understanding and to be their first choice in the sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide integrated and customized solutions 7/24by prioritizing a people-oriented and innovative approach and without compromising customer satisfaction to ensure our customers get products and services they need in a fast, undamaged, complete and reliable way.

Altmis Yildan Beri Kargocu

Based on trust earned from 60 years of reliable distribution, the most effective, next-generation e-commerce distribution model in 81 provinces of Turkey, created with the priority of state-of-the-art enriched infrastructure, privileged services, and sustainable customer satisfaction.

Tam Otomatik Operasyon Merkezi

Error-free and fast sorting of shipments in a fully automated operation center. Undamaged and complete delivery via smart pallets and minimum number of handling.

Tam Entegrasyon, Yönlendirme

Full integration, competitive prices, and company-specific solutions.

81 ilde canlı takip

The first and only company to provide live tracking and estimated time of arrival in 81 provinces.

81 ilde canlı takip

Just-in-time delivery with thanks to end-to-end online infrastructure, route optimization and handheld terminals equipped with special software.

7/24 Destek Hattı

Expert field team and customer service line.