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As a “Data Controller", we, Turkuvaz Dağıtım Pazarlama A.Ş. (“Turkuvaz”), process your personal data in line with the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 ("PDPL") and applicable legislation, and hereby offer and provide the necessary protection by adopting all technical and administrative measures as required under the applicable law for processing activities.

Accordingly, Turkuvaz processes your personal data in line with the following principles as set out in Article 4 of the PDPL subject to the limits set out in the PDPL and applicable legislation:

o      Compliance with the law and the rule of integrity;

o      Veracity, and where necessary, currency;

o      Processing for specific, clear and legitimate purposes;

o      Related, linked and proportionate to the purposes of processing;

o      Storage of data for such duration set out in the applicable law or that is required for the purpose of processing

With Turkuvaz, for the dispatch of a third party recipient who makes use of the service of delivery to another party, if the third party recipient opts for:

o      the "Delivery to the Neighbour" option and you are the recipient of the delivery, then your name, surname and Turkish ID number, which are within the ID data category, and your address data in the contact data category;

o      the "Delivery to the Security" option and you are the recipient of the delivery, then your name, surname, which are within the ID data category;

o      the "Delivery to the Janitor" option and you are the recipient of the delivery, then your name, surname, which are within the ID data category;

o      the "Delivery to the Correspondence Desk" option and you are the recipient of the delivery, then your name, surname, which are within the ID data category;

shall be processed by us for the purpose of handling goods/ service operation processes, handling sales processes of goods/ services, conduct of aftermarket support services for goods/ services, handling of customer relations management, conduct of communication operations, conduct of logistics operations, conduct of operations in line with the applicable law, handling and monitoring of legal affairs, following up complaints/ demands, provision of storage and archiving operations and disclosure of data to competent bodies and individuals on the basis of such legal grounds that processing your personal data shall be mandatory or legitimate interests of Turkuvaz, provided that the processing of your personal data should be expressly prescribed in the applicable law and the  processing of personal data of parties to a contract is directly related to the execution or performance of that contract and your fundamental rights and freedoms shall not be prejudiced.


Your personal data are collected by means of fully or partially automated, or provided to be a part of a data recording system, by non-automated means by making use of such information declared by the recipient and the information that you provide during the acceptance of the dispatch.

Your personal data may be transferred to the following parties pursuant to Article 8 of the PDPL:

o      Legal counsellors, auditors, taxa advisors and other third party service providers for consultancy and services so that we can pursue our business processes in line with the law and our legitimate interests and can exercise our statutory rights in potential legal proceedings;

o      your attorneys and representatives authorized by you so that we can perform our legal obligations;

o      regulatory and supervisory institutions and courts and enforcement officers or other similar governmental bodies and other public institutions or agencies authorized to request your personal data so that we can fulfil our legal obligations;

o      our group companies, business partners, agents, suppliers so that we can achieve the purposes of processing mentioned above, and get support during the provision/ development of business processes and services, and handle storage and archiving activities and provide for infrastructure and technical security.

You have the following rights in connection with your personal data:

a.  To inquire into whether your personal data is processed;

b.  To ask for information in case your personal data is processed;

c.  To inquire into the purpose underlying the process of your personal data, and whether or not such data is used in line with that purpose;

ç.  To know about third parties to in Turkey or abroad to whom your personal data is transferred;

d.  Where your personal data is processed incompletely or erroneously, then to ask for its correction

e.  To ask for the erasure or destruction of your personal data in line with the terms and conditions set out in Article 7 of the PDPL;

f.   To request that actions taken in line with subparagraphs (d) and (e) shall be notified to third parties to whom personal data are to be processed;

g.  To object to any consequence that is detrimental to you and that arises from the analysis of processed data by means of solely automated systems;

ğ.  To claim damages in case you sustain a loss due to the unlawful processing of your personal data


Under your rights set out above, you can send your requests to us by means of registered mail with return receipt or delivering them to us in writing personally or via a notary public or sending an email to our registered electronic mail (REM) address by using your secure electronic signature, mobile signature, or your electronic mail address that you may have previously notified to us and that is registered in our system.


Your application shall be finalized free of charge and at the latest within 30 (thirty) days from the receipt by us of your application depending on its nature, and for the purpose of confirming that the applicant is the right person, Turkuvaz may ask you to provide certain confirmatory data, which shall be only required in order to identify the true data subject and to disclose results of the application to the correct person.


As required under the Communiqué on Procedures and Terms for Application to Data Controller as published by the Personal Data Protection Agency in the Official Gazette issued on 10.03.2018 under no. 30356, if your application is replied to in writing, then we can charge you with a fee that is limited to 1 TL per page beyond the initial 10 pages, and the cost of the recording medium if the reply is provided on CD, external hard drive or similar medium. If your application is due to reasons attributable to Turkuvaz, then the charged fee may be refunded to you.


*Note: Pursuant to the Communiqué on Terms and Procedures to be observed for the performance of Privacy Notice obligation, if personal data is not collected from the relevant data subject, this privacy notice obligation towards the said data subject should be fulfilled:

a) Within a reasonable period of time from the date on which personal data is collected;

b) If personal data is to be used for the purposes of contacting the data subject, then at the time of first contact;

c) If personal data is to be transferred, at the latest, at such time when the personal data is to be transferred for the first time."

Accordingly, the privacy notice is provided to third parties to whom the recipient discloses his personal data to make use of the "delivery to third parties" service, and this provision is made at the time of the first contact. As no contact data of such third party is received so as to send a link to them, the privacy notice should be given to them at the time of delivery.